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A water borehole has already been drilled at the locality of Namane Sub Church, Archdiocese of Blantyre, Malawi. The local climate has three seasons: rain season, cold season and dry season. This rural area is highly populated: there are about 250 000 poor people in dire need of clean drinking water. Sixty Secular Franciscans and ten Youfra members are among those people. They earn their living by doing small business such as growing cattle, selling vegetables, firewood and other food produce. Most of the people grow maize for main food supply, some grow millet, cassava and potatoes.

The borehole installed by “Well4Africa” initiative has made the access to safe drinking water a lot easier. Water is manually pumped and distributed free of charge. The committee of the local fraternity of Secular Franciscan Order is responsible for maintaining the well. The borehole is sustained by the committee using special funds collected from selling vegetables, cattle, pigs, goats and chicken.

  • The works have been implemented by “Kenwood Engineering” 27 November – 18 December, 2018.
  • The total amount of the project was 6 645 000 Malawi Kwacha.
  • The official Euro - Malawi Kwacha exchange rate on 9th November (day of money transfer) was 815,2964.
  • The total amount transferred for the project was 8150 Eur.

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