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Community: We are Secular Franciscans and Franciscan Youth from all over Europe united for a single purpose – to ensure a fundamental human right to clean drinking water for our brothers and sisters in Africa.

Relations: We have direct relations with target groups – local communities in Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Uganda, thus avoiding any form of corruption during the implementation of the project.

Enabling: Clean water enables the local communities to improve their daily life conditions by avoiding diseases (such as dysentery), farming, keeping livestock, and planting trees. People are given a fishing rod instead of a fish.

Decentralization: This initiative is based on voluntary participation so neither the fundraising nor implementing the project require any administrative expenses and therefore, 100% of the donations go to the main purpose. Both in Europe and in the respective African communities, the initiative is based on the grassroots principle, where ordinary people take concrete action to help those in need.

Opportunity: This is a great opportunity for you to take part in changing the world!

Benefits of a well

Planting trees:
ecology, improved air quality

Better health: decrease in waterborne diseases, such as cholera, dysentery and diarrhea

Growing vegetables: additional food resources and increased income for local families

Farming: keeping livestock (chickens and pigs)

Building a church: water is needed for molding bricks to build the church

Education: increase in enrolment and literacy ratio, especially for girls

Safety: decrease in incidence of rape, unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV/AIDS