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Criteria and guidelines for new “Well4Africa“ projects' applications have been approved by the board of the social initiative.

Download pdf file.


  1. Application for projects to be supported by the “Well4Africa“ social initiative, i.e. realizations of wells for supplying fresh and drinkable water must be filled and sent by the OFS National Council of the African country where project will be developed/realized.
  2. The village where well has to be drilled should preferably have the presence of a local OFS or YouFra fraternity. Its OFS and/or YouFra members must take responsibility for the project together with the National Council. Condition for applying to “Well4Africa“ is that existing water sources are far from the village or polluted.
  3. First Order (OFM, OFM Conv, OFM Cap) or Third Order Regular (TOR) Major Superiors must confirm their support to the project and allow to use the province or the custody bank account for funds transfer. The support must be confirmed in written with a letter of endorsement.
  4. A detailed preventative budget, taking in consideration all aspects of project should be sent as attachment to the application form. If requested amount exceeds 10 000 Euro, an additional consideration will be necessary. In such case a detailed description of the project must be provided together with drawings and system layout and a written motivation.


  1. Do we have a particular local OFS fraternity, living in one of our regions, which is in a great need of fresh drinking water?
  2. Are we sure that there is an underground water vein near that particular village?
  3. Can we as the OFS National Council take responsibility for the project from its preparation to its final implementation?
  4. Can we get an endorsement from the Superior of First Order or TOR for this project?
  5. Do we have a person (National minister, International Councilor or National treasurer) who speaks English or French and who is available to become the Project coordinator?
  6. What kind of project are we considering? A simple water borehole or do we need a more sophisticated water supply system and other facilities? In this second case, do we have an engineer who can study such a big project?
  7. Where the well is going to be drilled? Who is the owner of the land? Is there a local parish or a Franciscan Friary where the well could operate safely?
  8. How a well will be maintained and fixed? Will local people be charged for using water?



Describe the location where you are planning to drill a borehole:

  • Provide a map showing the village and its surrounding area (a link to google map is highly recommended, but in case that place can’t be found there, please provide a good quality resolution of scanned map where the closest water source is also marked).
  • Describe how many people live in the village, indicating Secular Franciscans and YouFra members (if present).
  • Describe the living conditions there: What is the demographic and economic situation there? What are the main sources of living and an average monthly income? How far away is the closest water source? What is a quality of that water (polluted, superficial, non-permanent)?
  • Provide photos and a videoclip from the location, showing current water source and people living conditions. As far as possible, provide some testimonies/speech of local people who ask for water.
  • Specify who will have the access to the water and how water will be supplied (see next point). Will there be a responsible person always present? How many people will be beneficiaries of the project?
  • Describe how the borehole is going to be maintained and fixed in case of failures after installation (will there be a monthly contribution from water users or will water be distributed for free, but a special fund for maintenance and managing will be collected in other way? In such case please describe this way).
  • As far as possible please supply a document confirming that you have already performed inspections in the place where well is being drilled for confirming that water is present underground. This precautionary measure is to avoid loss of money should it be discovered that after drilling the well water is not present.


Provide a written document from the OFS National Council, signed by all its members, with which you commit yourself to implement the project from the beginning till the end, collaborating with the First Order and with the coordinators of “Well4Africa“ initiative.

A coordinator of the project (National minister, International Councilor, National vice- minister or other Councilor) on behalf of the OFS National Council must be identified in the document. He/she will be responsible for constant communication with “Well4Africa“ Coordination Team providing necessary information and documentation. His/her office in the Council, phone number, email address and skype account must also be specified.


Ask for support from the First Order (OFM, OFM Conv, OFM Cap) or the Third Order Regular (TOR). Provide an official letter of endorsement (See an annex number 1).


Provide the written agreement from the landlord (bishop and parish priest or guardian of a Friary) that he allows you to drill the well (or implement more sophisticated project) in his territory (See an annex number 2.1 and 2.2) with no claims (property/ use of water, etc.) on it. If there is neither parish nor Franciscan Friary in the village, other options must be discussed with the “Well4Africa“ Coordination Team.


Have at least three offers from three different drilling companies. Those offers shall include the well building and the training for operators, service and managing people. Offers must also contain a detailed budget both in local currency and in Euro. Provide these three offers for “Well4Africa“ Coordination Team.


The criteria for choosing which offer will be selected will be agreed with the “Well4Africa“ Coordination Team, but when chosen a contract draft with the selected drilling company must be provided. The contract shall include agreed terms and conditions as follows:

  • Duration and deadline of works;
  • Final budget and total amount;
  • Ways and conditions of payment (money operations shall be made by bank transfers; money shall be paid in agreed installments: down payment of X% of total amount at the contract signature, XX% of total amount at the end of the works and the final balance after a period of evaluation that has to be agreed between the parties);
  • Penalties for the delays to the agreed timelines for works completion;
  • Warranty period and borehole maintenance conditions.


When the draft of the contract is approved by “Well4Africa“ Coordination Team, the OFS National minister and Project coordinator will sign the contract together with the Provincial minister or Custos of the First Order or TOR who signed the project endorsement letter.

Then “Well4Africa“ coordinators will provide to transfer the down payment amount agreed to the Friars bank account of according to conditions reported by the contract.


The local responsible for the project shall provide copy of invoices and payment receipts from the company performing the works and also from the bank where exchange rates applied are clearly shown. He/she shall send information about the progress of the project to “Well4Africa“ Coordination Team as well to provide photos and videos from the field.


First 3 steps must be done for applying to “Well4Africa“. Application consists from the description of the project (the need, locality, scale of the project – simple well or water supply system, etc.), commitment from the OFS National Council and letter of endorsement from the First Order or TOR. If the Responsible Authority for “Well4Africa“ social initiative approves your request, preparations continue by providing other necessary documents, specified in further steps of guidelines. Coordinators of “Well4Africa“ are willing to give you all necessary consultations and help during the process.

“Well4Africa“ Coordination Team reserves the right to ask for additional documents or material necessary for proper and transparent implementation of the respective project.


Applications for “Well4Africa” social initiative are accepted all year round by email:

Coordinators of “Well4Africa” social initiative:

Download pdf file