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Limbe village is situated in Blantyre South East in the Central Region of Malawi and has a local population of around 500 people, 60 of whom are Secular Franciscans and more than 10 Franciscan Youth members. This group of faithful has so many challenges in their every day life. The population from their respective areas is high, from two to three million people. They walk a long distance to achieve the medical aid. In order to reach a source of water, the people have to walk 5 to 6 km and then wait in a long queue, which makes it an arduous and time-consuming job. Instead of attending school, children must help their parents with this task. More than that, the water is mostly unsafe, which leads to health problems.

Availability of clean water will enable local people to plant vegetables and use irrigation system. Vegetables will supplement the poor diet of families. Water will also be a source of other income generating activities for the local community. If these people were provided by clean water their health condition would improve.

Even though initiators of the project are Catholics, all inhabitants of the village, regardless of their beliefs, will benefit from it. This water project will be an evangelization, proclaiming the Good News via good works.

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