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Nehumambi village has a local population of around 150 people. It is a cultural and religious center of a rural community consisting of more than 50 villages. Nehumambi lies in the agro-ecological zone with low annual rainfall and high temperatures, which are not suitable for successful crop production. There are no income generating activities in the area apart from those related to rain-fed crop production and livestock production, trading in watermelons, groundnuts and round nuts. However, the closest water source is 5 km away from the village making farming very complicated.

Catholics of the local community meet in a classroom at Nehumambi Primary School for church service and Mass celebrations. Over the past two decades, community has grown significantly and a classroom is no longer accommodative of the ever increasing community. Therefore, Secular Franciscans want to build a church by molding 100,000 bricks by themselves. They also intend to grow vegetables and expand the piggery and poultry house. People have already started growing small amounts of grains and nuts for selling in tiny parcels of land donated by church members. They also keep 4 pigs and 30 chickens. Secular Franciscans coordinate and manage the project.

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