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Kihani village (Kikyenkye Subcounty, Uganda) has a local population of around 700 people, who earn less than one dollar a day, one secondary and four elementary schools as well as some other facilities. The water available in the village is drawn from a shallow well, where cows drink from, and using this water leads to various waterborne diseases, such as cholera, dysentery, and diarrhea. A clean water source is distant (around 7 km away), which makes it an arduous job, mostly done by women and young children, as well as a dangerous one due to attacks and even rapes, which occur while walking to fetch clean water.

The community had already started digging a well and a good part of the work has been done, but it all stopped due to financial constraints. Getting the necessary funds to finish the well and have access to clean and safe water will solve many health problems of the community and provide drinking water for schools, families, and the people whose income is too low to buy water as well as the people who attend Kihani Parish church. This will bring about many other benefits, such as the development of income-generating activities for women given the free time accruing from the reduced burden of fetching water, an increase in the enrolment ratio, especially for girls, and in the female literacy rate, and many more.

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