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St. Lawrence of Brindis Parish is a newly established Parish. Launching Mass took place on 5th January 2019. The parish is situated in the remote area, in the outskirt of Municipality of Zomba Malawi’s old capital city, Zomba diocese. People around the Parish are Subsistence farmers. They grow [corn] maize and vegetables for their live hood. St Lawrence parish have a good number of Secular Franciscan Order members who are suffering from scarcity of water.

The purpose of the project is to have clean and fresh water. Since the Parish is situated in the remote area there is no connection of pipe water from Government. Some sources of water which the parishioners and people around are using for getting water are contaminated and this bring different sorts of diseases to them. In short they are using untreated water from well they dig by hand. During dry season these wells dry up, making life difficult. If the project is realized, it will serve not only lives but also money which the people are spending for medication due to contaminated water they drink. As a result the project will improve and protect lives of many.

Benefits of the project:
  • Reduced stress of the people;
  • Alleviated and reduced diseases;
  • Development of the locality;
  • Improved hygiene;
  • Saving time of women;
  • Reduced rate of women fatigue as they travel long distance to fetch water;
  • Source of employment;
  • Alleviation of poverty;
  • Secular Franciscans could start small farming garden through irrigation.

Malawi is among the poorest countries in the world, and is on third, in the world. Poor political leaderships, corruption, bad governance and policies, climate change are among the factors that lead Malawi to poverty.

August to October is a dry season in Malawi. In many areas people walk long distances to fetch water. Those with bicycles have advantage of using their bicycles to fetch water from far. Below are some picture of the current situation.

  • Local community
  • The only well of the community
  • Women going to fetch water

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