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The project “Well4Africa” has been widely publicized in Portugal and till the moment we’ve had different initiatives from many Franciscan youth movements and Franciscan fraternities who have included in their dynamics this project and raised till now more than 1000 euros.

Because this project also has a huge social and environmental impact it was possible to include it in a much larger initiative in the Swedish School where a OFS sister works. In this sense, it has been introduced a challenge of sustainable development aiming the reducing of paper costs, electricity, recycling, aromatic herbs and other plant’s plantation. These plants were used to prepare the school meals and also in events like charity breakfasts, small sells prepared for the children and whose founds collected had reverted to this initiative.

There were also moments dedicated to the presentation of this project in order to help children to become more aware of the importance of the water and its scarcity in the world promoting water conserving. In retribution, the “Well4Africa” has sent also a small video talking about all the achievements and results so far reached. Therefore, in the last school day, in a gathering with students, parents and employees, it has been delivered the amount of 500 euros now sent to continue this common dream.

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