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On May 3-9, Monika Midverytė OFS, the coordinator of the social initiative Well4Africa, visited Malawi, where the very first borehole of this social initiative had been installed in Namame community.

The borehole installed by the social initiative Well4Africa has facilitated access to safe drinking water, which is free and accessible to everyone today. The works were carried out by Kenwood Engineering over the period from November 27 to December 18, 2018. The total sum of the project was 6,645,000 Malawian kwacha or 8,150 Euro. The committee consisting of members of a local OFS fraternity is responsible for the maintenance of the borehole. To this end, a special fund was established sourcing from sales of produce, cattle, pigs, goats and chicken.

On May 9, a thanksgiving Mass and a solemn blessing of the water borehole took place in the Namame community. The local people say ‘zikomo’ (thank you) to the benefactors of the Well4Africa initiative who contributed to the installation of the borehole. The social initiative continues: future Well4Africa projects are in the talks with the Capuchin Friars Minor of the Malawi province. Water is life; therefore, we invite you to continue donating via the website

Flight tickets to Uganda and Malawi for the coordinator Monika Midverytė OFS were donated by the travel agency Ad Astra, other expenses of the trip were paid with personal funds. In this trip, Monika was joined by another Lithuanian, Vaida Janušytė. The visit to the Franciscan communities in Africa took two and a half weeks and was aimed at familiarising with the implemented projects and preparing a detailed presentation for the benefactors of the initiative.

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