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With great joy we want to share the latest news: works in Uganda and Malawi have begun!

A borehole is being drilled in Namane community, diocese of Blantyre, Malawi. The works should be concluded within 10 days.

Whereas a more sophisticated water supply system project has been started in Kihani parish, Mbarara archdiocese, Uganda. This project is going to be implemented by three phases. First phase is expected to be completed in a period of 2 months and includes excavation and construction of a shallow well, construction of a pump house, election of solar panel stands and installation of a water pump, construction of 50, 000 L capacity water tank at Kihani parish church, trenching and pipe laying from the well up to the church tank and further extended to St. Joseph’s primary school and St. Anne’s secondary school.

Updates will be given regularly about the progress of these projects. Thank you for your confidence and generosity!

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