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St. Michael’s Masenyane is a villiage which belongs to Our Lady of Fatima Parish in the Diocese of Hwange, Zimbabwe. The Parish is served by the Capuchin Friars. This place is situated 180 km from Bulawayo – second largest city in Zimbabwe. This is one of the centers where there is the highest number of temporary professed OFS members of Fatima Parish.

Capuchin Friars have offered a land within the church premises where a borehole is going to be drilled by “Well4Africa“ initiative. Therefore, this means the borehole will be drilled at St. Michael’s Masenyane premises.

Hwange diocese falls in the 5th Zimbabwean agricultural region. That means it is a place which gets very little rainfall, faces very high temperatures and is always infested with droughts and hunger. It is the driest area in Zimbabwe. In such a situation, water is a big problem for both people and animals. In St Michael’s Masenyane there is only one borehole for the whole community and people have to walk more than 10 km looking for water and, in most cases, there are long queues for water. Furthermore, in the event that there is a breakdown of the only available clean source of water, people have to resort to unprotected water sources, mostly muddy places where people end up sharing the water source with animals.

“Well4Africa“ social initiative has funded the installation of manually operated water borehole, fence and a garden around the well. Implementation is in progress.

Beneficiaries of the project:

  • The OFS members of this community;
  • The lay faithful who come to attend Sunday services;
  • The whole Masenyane community that is in need of clean water supply.