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Shisong village is situated in the North-West region of Cameroon. It comprises a parish of the Sacred Heart and is famous for the presence of a Catholic General Hospital and Cardiac Centre both run by the Secular Franciscan sisters of St. Anthony community.

The present socio-political crisis in Cameroon has resulted in the displacement of many people both within and outside the national territory and has aggravated already difficult water access situation in this part of the country.

The presence of the Shisong General Hospital and Cardiac Centre makes that, in addition to the inhabitants, the village hosts many patients, care-givers and visitors. Many families and displaced persons go a long way to get potable water for themselves. The situation gets even worse in the dry season due to limited sources and inconsistent water supply. The Secular Franciscan fraternity of Shisong began a project aiming for drinking water provision for around 50 local families, patients and internally displaced persons.

The project consists of drilling a reinforced water borehole, equipping it with both electric and hand pumps as well as a water storage facility of 6000 litres capacity. The well and reservoir will be located on a piece of land which belongs to the community of St. Anthony, next to the parish and close to the center of the village, easily reachable to all residents.