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Zimbabwe is among those countries, where “Well4Africa” water project is supposed to be implemented. A coordination team of the initiative is constantly communicating with the Secular Franciscans there.

Unfortunately, Zimbabwe is facing severe politic and economic crisis at the moment. According to news media channels, banks are closed, schools are closed, roads are closed in and out of the main towns and transport systems have shut down. There are no newspapers to be bought, the Internet has been shut down by the government and everything is at a complete standstill.

“If this goes on for much longer, the humanitarian crisis will escalate, – says Ben Freeth from “Mike Campbell Foundation“ in Harare. – We cannot buy food because the shops are all closed and transport systems have closed down. Most of the hospitals are without essential medicines and also staff because doctors and nurses can’t even get to work.“

According to the Telegraph, some 600 people have been arrested and scores injured and killed since president Emmerson Mnangagwa announced a 150 percent hike in the price of fuel on Saturday night, sparking nationwide protests amid an economic crisis that has left many penniless.

We as “Well4Africa“ coordinators, have also lost contact with our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe. Due to internet blackout no WhatsApp messages or photos can be sent, no one can access Facebook or Messenger.

We ask you to pray for Zimbabwe and its people. May the Lord hear a cry of His poor people and grant peace to this country. We also ask you to pray that “Well4Africa“ project in Zimbabwe could be implemented despite these challenges.